NEw CHapter: Exchanging good practices against hate speech!

Mar 6, 2018News

NEw CHapter: Exchange good practices to contrast hate speech!How to favor human rights among young people?

How to face hate speech and promote critical thinking?

From 16th to 22nd February 2018 the NEw CHapter project staff training took place in Larissa (Greece).

28 participants among youth workers, teachers, members of organizations from Greece, Italy, UK and Denmark attended the training.

Youthnet Hellas organized and conducted the staff training aiming at bringing together representatives of partner organizations:

  • to exchange good practices and methods to fight hate speech, discrimination,
  • to plan and organize follow-up activities.

Due to the complicated nature of the problems faced by the project –  such as fighting hate speech, discrimination, segregation and social exclusion among young people – , during the training we used a variety of methodologies:

  • non-formal and informal learning,
  • cross-sectoral synergy,
  • networking activities,
  • best-practice knowledge management methodology,
  • creative and critical thinking and human rights education methodology.

Thanks to the active involvement of the participants, the training was an opportunity for us to widely exchange experiences and organizations realities, which contributed to enriching the meetings of challenges, ideas, different points of view on the issue.

We also selected and shared best practices with a special focus on the ones that:

  • reach out to marginalized young people or those at risk of social exclusion,
  • promote intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity to prevent racism and intolerance among young people.

NEw CHapter – NEtwork of Cooperation against Hate is a 15-month, 4-country Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project, which includes 7 partners ranging from educational institutions to youth organizations, to ensure the cross-sectorial aim of the project:

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