Otherness: New resources to learn about tolerance, human rights and active citizenship

Aug 20, 2018News

How can we foster tolerance in the school environment, teaching students to express and to understand different points of view, evaluating the “different” as an added value, essential for the life of every society?

An important result towards achieving this goal has been obtained thanks to the Otherness project. A project developed thanks to the collaboration of four international associations such as the Prosveta-Sofi Foundation in Bulgaria, the Center of non-formal education in Greece, the Instituto Politecnico De Santarem in Portugal and the Center for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” in Italy.


The Teacher’s Manual

In order to develop a new approach to the themes of tolerance, diversity and active citizenship, has been created the “Teacher’s manual”; a rich program consisting of 48 activities dedicated to students and addressed to professors interested in including in their trainings topics as: human rights, ethnic, linguistic, social and cultural diversity, promoting the importance of an active and conscious participation in the local communities.

In this context, more than forty teachers, from middle and high schools, coming from four different countries, have met in Palermo to take part to a training course hosted by the Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”.

In addition, teachers were able to participate to a training course in Greece, testing the modules provided by the “Teacher’s Manual”, taking part to workshops, training sessions and group workshops.

An opportunity that has allowed us to experiment new techniques of non-formal education such as the theater of the oppressed, role-playing games, simulations, brainstorming and guided debates.

The “Teacher’s Manual” is therefore designed and developed with the active contribution of the teachers: with their suggestions and personal experiences.

After the implementation of the activities of the Manual, during the school year, teachers have had the possibility to give their feedbacks, adapting and finalizing the activities already developed.

Finally, teachers have taken part to an additional training – this time in Greece – testing the modules included in the “Teacher’s Manual”, taking part to workshops and trainings.

Every activity foreseen in it has also been enriched by the availability of digital resources such as quizzes and videos; interactive tools and animations aimed at tackling the topic in a more engaging way, making learning and dissemination more effective.

Teachers have then implemented these activities with the students of their schools, through interactive and creative workshops.

In the Italian case more than 170 students, between 12 and 16 years, coming from the Regina Margherita High School, from the Benedetto Croce High School and from the Maria Adelaide High School, were involved with the support of 9 teachers in the multiple activities on the topics: Human Rights, Diversity, Identity and Active Citizenship.

Each module is divided into 16 sub-activities, each of which consists of a pre-established schedule; including energizers, preparation activities and implementation methodologies already designed and schematized. A rich and complete package which is also funny and engaging.

Classroom activities have been appreciated by students and teachers, registering an enthusiastic reception of the tools and contents made available to them. Furthermore, these activities have allowed us to address issues that are not always discussed at school, creating the opportunity for a new and shared dialogue with the students.



OTHERNESS  is financed by Erasmus+ Key Activity 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for school education with the aim to educate students to show tolerance, express and understand different viewpoints, negotiate with the ability to create confidence and feel empathy.

The partenership holds together 4 organisations:

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