Reciprocal maieutical approach: learn what it is with OUR DIGITAL VILLAGE handbook

Sep 27, 2023News

Are you interested in learning more about the life of Danilo Dolci and the reciprocal maieutic approach (RMA)? Would you like more practical information on the coordination of maieutic workshop? Here is a tool born from the previous experiences of our Center and the work of Danilo Dolci himself.

The handbook containing methodological guidance on the use of RMA is part of a series of outcomes developed under OUR DIGITAL VILLAGE. The project aims to favor a path of community self-analysis in rural areas through RMA for the strengthening of digital and soft skills.

These methodological indications are intended to give practical information on the coordination of maieutic workshops, providing useful tools and suggestions not only to maieutic coordinators of the OUR DIGITAL VILLAGE project, but also to educators and anyone wishing to learn more on the topic.

The manual provides indications for conducting maieutic workshops in rural areas, aimed at analyzing the rural context and the needs of people who live there. However, the reciprocal maieutic approach has various applications in the educational field and for this reason it can be adapted to different topics and contexts, promoting participatory learning in a nonviolent environment, stimulating the collaboration between learners.

Taking part in the maieutic process and, therefore, learning how to use the RMA approach is an important milestone in communicating with different groups and individuals. If you are interested in learning more, download the handbook!

Inside you will find in-depth information on the project, on Danilo Dolci and on the maieutic workshops, in particular:

  • The description of the Our Digital Village project;
  • The life of Danilo Dolci;
  • The reciprocal maieutic approach: main concepts, themes, characteristics and benefits;
  • Differences between the reciprocal maieutic approach and other traditional methods;
  • The maieutic dialogue;
  • The development of the workshops and relative examples;
  • The reciprocal maieutic approach within Our Digital Village project: analysis of needs and desires in rural areas;
  • Templates for questions and workshops reports;

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OUR DIGITAL VILLAGE – CO-DESIGNED DIGITAL EDUCATION IN RURAL AREAS is a project financed by the Erasmus + program (Key Action 2: Forward-Looking Projects) and aims to promote a process of community self-analysis in rural areas through Reciprocal Maieutic Approach, to identify the needs of the rural contexts and co-create educational materials for the strengthening of digital and transversal skills.


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