Supporting adult education with PATHWAYS: in Cyprus for the final conference

Jan 30, 2023News

Having innovative tools available in the field of adult education and career guidance is essential to support learners in adulthood: the PATHWAYS final event allowed the presentation of new methodologies.

Professionals in the field of adult education, career counsellors, adult tutors but also people interested in the topic and general public attended the final conference in Nicosia, Cyprus, organized to promote the project results.

The tools implemented with Pathways are as follows:

  • TOOLKIT PATHWAYS: documents, forms and templates for adult education professionals and career counsellors, to help recognize the basic skills of their target audience and to guide them in defining a learning pathway tailored on their needs.
  • PATHWAYS HANDBOOK AND COURSE to support adult education professionals and career counsellors in putting the Pathways Toolkit into practice.
  • PATHWAYS E-LEARNING PLATFORM: a tool to facilitate the training process for all professionals in the field of adult education and career guidance and to enhance networking activities.

A subsequent phase dedicated to interventions by the public was used to share opinions on the theme of the project and to evaluate the methodology, the learning potential and the replicability of the activities carried out. During the event, the results of the pilot phase carried out in recent months in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia were also presented.

The experimentation allowed trainers, mentors, tutors and career advisers to test the Pathways tools with their users and provide feedback on their impressions which served to improve them.

Pathways – Upskilling by Creating individualized Learning Pathways is funded by the Erasmus + Program – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships | Adult, and aims to develop a toolkit for professionals in the field of adult education and career guidance who work with adults in need for upskilling.


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