Prevention of early school leaving: the last event before the conclusion of the PASSION ESL project

Aug 10, 2022News

The Multiplier Event of the PASSION ESL project was held face-to-face in Palermo on July 27th, 2022, with a total of 43 participants attending between teachers, educators, ONG representatives and participants from other projects which can apply the methodology in other projects.

The aim of the Multiplier Event was to present the outputs and results of the project, activities and interactive materials produced, with a view on how can be possible to replicate the activities or to adapt them in other context or with other target groups. In the initial phase of the event, an overview of the project was provided, useful to inform participants who had not yet the opportunity to find out about PASSION FOR LEARNING, on the aims and objectives of the project.

This first part was useful to present the two expected Outputs:

  • a Handbook for teachers with educational activities: it comprises a collection of 79 innovative educational activities dedicated to teachers and educators from primary and secondary schools which need to reduce the risk of drop out for pupils at risk. Those are developed as a mix of therapeutic activities embed into learner centered approach. Each activity implemented is summarized into video material available on the website
  • a E-learning platform with interactive educational resources

This first phase was also useful to show participants the activities that have been carried out in Italy as well as in Romania, Turkey and Poland. A subsequent phase dedicated to workshops served to allow the participants to share their views on the theme of the project as experts in the education sector and to give their opinion on the methodology of the project, learning potential and replicability of the activities carried out. Several students were present and gave their opinion on the activities too. In conclusion, some ideas for the project’s sustainability were presented and flyers with the instructions for registering on the training platform were distributed to recruit users. A last space was left to allow participants to talk together during a reception organized with food and drinks.

The Passion ESL project is therefore coming to an end. In the course of three years therapeutic educational activities were conducted for the inclusion of students at risk of early school leaving and not, explanatory videos were created, mobility for staff and mobility for students and teachers were organized, the construction of a Handbook for teachers with educational activities (Output 1) was completed and a E-learning platform with interactive educational resources (Output 2) is fine-tuned. This has led to an improved student learning method and behaviour, increased personal and interpersonal skills of students, better educational methods and practices of the staff in relation to the phenomenon of early school leaving and an increased awareness of parents and general community in preventing early school leaving.

Passion ESL – Passion for Learning is co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission (Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for School Education) and aims to create an integrated and innovative educational approach that will improve both teaching and learning performance and the inclusion of pupils at risk of early school leaving, through the use of therapeutic methods and IT tools.


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