Profile – The importance of financial literacy starting from primary school

Jan 15, 2021News

Despite the pandemic and all the difficulties that arise from it, the “ProFiLE” project continues with its implementation and meetings with the partnership.

A correct financial education started from primary school can help to recognize real needs, to reflect on our economic decisions, to draw lessons from mistakes in money management, to reach decision-making awareness regarding economic and financial choices. Financial education becomes part of the culture of  economic citizenship, where the correct perception of the value of money it is built also on the conscious use of other resources (energy, environment, time) and it is based on the principle of social responsibility.

Educating in finance requires something different from frontal teaching, indeed the project adopts non-formal education tools and activities.

Within the output “Educational material of financial literacy”, schools with the support of associations have created a collection of activities to be carried with children from 7 to 11 years old.

This output will provide suggestions about the best method to adopt to achieve specific learning outcomes on different financial topics.

Alternative activities have been created to ensure that children can explore and deepen issues inherent to financial literacy.

The materials developed will provide facilitators with simple explanations for understanding financial products, how they are created, when and how individuals use them and how to best use these financial products.

The collected materials are divided by theme and age:

  • Problem solving
  • Financial products
  • Habits and attitudes
  • Numbers

On the project website in the section “Resources IO2” you can find the activities in English, Italian and the other languages ​​of the partner countries.

In the next months, we will tell you how the testing phase went with the teachers and children from “Rita Borsellino” school in Palermo.

The project is funded by the Erasmus + program, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for School Education.


  • University of Gloucestershire (UK)
  • St Edward’s Preparatory School (United Kingdom)
  • Istituto Comprensivo statale Amari-Roncalli-Ferrara (Italy)
  • Rogers Személyközpontú Oktatásért Alapítvány (Hungary)
  • Carl Rogers Személyközpontú Óvoda és Általános Iskola (Hungary)
  • osnovna skola Vrbovec (Croatia)

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