Keep on promoting financial literacy in schools

May 5, 2022News

On 28th and 29th April 2022, the ProFiLE project partners met in Zagreb, Croatia, for the third Transnational Meeting in presence.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the project partners have been meeting mainly online in recent months to monitor project progress.

During the meeting, the partners shared their national experience with the schools, evaluated the quality of the results produced and established the next steps for the conclusion of the last activities:

  • An app: with more and more digital opportunities, an app was created as part of the project to simulate previously developed learning activities. The app’s games allow pupils to benefit from digital potential, thus focusing on the ability to break down decisions into components and experience cause-effect relationships more easily. Download the ProFile app
  • The Financial Literacy Integration Toolkit: a guide with tips and best practices to demonstrate how participating organisations have planned and achieved the inclusion of financial literacy in the classroom. Download the ProFile toolkit

In the coming months, the products created will be tested and then shared with schools, associations and institutions in the national territories during Multiplier Events.

ProFiLE – Promoting Financial Literacy in Europe is cofinanced by Erasmus + programme – KA 2: Strategic Partnership | School.


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