ProFiLE: A meeting in Budapest to promote financial literacy

Nov 18, 2021News

On the 3rd and 4th of November after 2 years of online meeting, partners were finally able to meet in Budapest for the second face to face meeting of the project ProFiLE | Promoting Financial Literacy In Europe to put into practice and deepen the educational methodologies proposed in the project.

ProFiLE intends to introduce and develop financial awareness of the primary school students through different and playful tasks. In the last year students an teachers were involved in several sessions where they were challenged to resolve problems and situations through cooperative pair and group work. In these sessions students had the opportunity to deepen in conversations related simple financial concepts or words.

In the past months, schools in the partner countries (Hungary, Croatia, Italy and the UK) have carried out piloting phases with children aged 7 to 11 to test the materials developed such as the financial activities and the app. Teachers who took part in the piloting phases wanted to sought tips and suggestions to ensure correct implementation and at the same time interest on the part of the students.

Therefore the meeting was an opportunity to discuss on completed and ongoing output, including:

  • Financial Literacy Teaching Material to understand explanations of financial products.
  • Financial Literacy Learning Tools, a virtual learning environment with teaching plans, session activities and frequently asked questions and answers on financial literacy.
  • Financial Literacy Integration Toolkit, on how to include financial literacy into the learning of young children.
  • Financial Literacy Research Paper, an academic paper reflecting on all activities and results of the project.

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ProFiLE – Promoting Financial Literacy in Europe is cofinanced by Erasmus + programme – KA 2: Strategic Partnership | School.


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