ROBIN: Working together towards a more inclusive society

Sep 13, 2017Early School Leaving, News

ROBIN: Working together towards a more inclusive society - ActivitiesQuestioning ourselves, sharing, experiencing and growing together in order to reach a society where everyone is equal and integrated.

The New Learning Methodology ROBIN was implemented with youth social workers in Palermo from the 1st to 4th August.

The learning environment was really relaxed and lots of exchanges of best practices came up. There was a good working environment and understanding which made the training flow easier to surface.

Relaxing exercises where highly appreciated after some heavy activities which made participants reflect about life experiences – such as My life path, MODULE Sensitivity. Some of the participants found it easier to open to the others and to share their life experiences with their highs and lows, while for others, instead, it was harder but inasmuch as the environment was very friendly no one found great barriers in sharing their feelings.

ROBIN: Working together towards a more inclusive society - Activities

The activity The bridge over the bridge was really educational as participants got to experience in person how was it feeling like a migrant, and how difficult was to be accepted by a society group when there are communication problems and people don’t trust you just because of diversity. This is a great activity that englobes the actual migration situation in Europe giving raise to a new learning methodology such as ROBIN. Fears, mistrust, and remoteness arising just because of multicultural reasons.

After explaining them the activity purpose, “communities” felt guilty for not putting all their effort in integrating migrants.

It is always enriching for us to working with different groups of educators with different points of view and different mindsets. We all learn from each other and that is part of the aim of the ROBIN methodology.

ROBIN: Working together towards a more inclusive society

ROBIN is funded by Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices: Strategic Partnerships for ADULT education – with the main aim to develop an innovative methodology to strengthen the personal, social, methodological and technical competences of educators, to support the social integration of migrant minors thus preventing their early school leaving.

The ROBIN partenership holds together 5 organisations:

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