Increase the skills of adult learners: a training activity in Palermo

Jun 20, 2022News

On May 24th, 25th and 26th 2022, the learning, training and teaching activity of the project Pathways was held in Palermo.

After the relaxation of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the partners of the Pathways project met in Palermo for a short-term teaching, learning and training activity. The aim of the mobility was to create a preliminary basis of trainers of trainers who will have the possibility of going back to their country and deliver the workshop to adult education teachers/ trainers and career advisors/counsellors to be able to use the Pathways Toolkit for adult education and participate at the pilot phase of the project.

The aims of the activity were:

  • To present and familiarise the participants with the contents of the toolkit, its purpose and added value for unemployed low skilled adults;
  • To analyse and evaluate the quality and content of the Pathways toolkit and training course and provide feedback for improvement;
  • To prepare the participants of the activity – teacher trainers – to deliver the courses to the members of the target group and implement the toolkit.

Participants were able to review the material produced, share feedbacks and ideas to improve it and test some of the activities developed. The rationale behind need for the establishment of RPL, especially for low skilled adults was presented, as well as the methodology for conducing RPL, the tools to be used and the didactic manual for adult education professionals on how to implement the Pathways Toolkit with adults in need for upskilling.

It was an opportunity to provide a fruitful meeting-place where different experiences, perspectives, opinions and ideas came together in the view of the upcoming pilot phase in which adult education professionals will use the Pathways Toolkit with adult learners to evaluate its effects.

Pathways – Upskilling by Creating individualized Learning Pathways is co-funded by the Erasmus + Program – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships | Adult, and aims to develop a toolkit for professionals in the field of adult education and career guidance who work with adults in need for upskilling.


If you want to stay updated on the results of the project, you can contact us via e-mail by writing to Marta Galvano:, checking our website or following us on Pathways Project | Facebook.