Social inclusion, storytelling and tourism: the conclusion of the TSITOUR project

Apr 30, 2022News

The TSITour project – Training on Social Inclusion in Tourism, by including elderly people as local storytellers for the Tourism Industry is successfully concluded!

The TSITour project, based on promoting the social inclusion of older people in the community using the means of storytelling in the tourism sector, was successfully completed on April 30th, 2022. The achieved objectives of the project were:

  • Creation of a training module on “Project Development for Social Inclusion and Valorisation of People with Special Needs of Social Assistance” for VET students in the field of social care and welfare;
  • Development of hard and soft skills of VET students to create and implement projects for Social Inclusion;
  • Preparation of the VET students to address the challenges at the workplace;
  • Increase of the notoriety of VET in the field of care and welfare;
  • Use of tourism and older people as departure points to transform the tourism industry and the approach to social assistance by valorising the elderly as voluntary local storytellers;
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In order to present the results of the project, a Multiplier Event was organized by the CSC on April 21st, 2022 in the city of Partinico where the Pilot Testing activities were carried out in the previous months.

In the initial phase of the event an overview of the project, and of the two main expected and successfully completed productions was provided: the TSITour Training Program and the TSITour Training Platform, Resources and Pilot Test. In a second moment, a video edited for the occasion, which summarized the tourist path taken by the elderly and students during the realization of the project, was shown to the public, and a subsequent phase dedicated to storytelling was used to allow the elderly to give their own testimony on the activities carried out and to answer the questions of those present. In conclusion, the next steps for the development of the voluntary pool of elderly storytellers for the sustainability of the project were presented and the brochures were distributed to recruit participants.

The participants were very interested, had fun and made themselves available for future developments, confirming the significant impact that TSITour has had in the community at the level of social inclusion and active participation.

If you are a student or a professional in the field of social assistance and welfare, visit and subscribe to the Training Platform to get information on how to design, implement and evaluate a social inclusion project!

TSITour – Training on Social Inclusion in Tourism, by including elderly people as local storytellers for the Tourism Industry is cofunded by the Erasmus + program (Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships | Vocational Education and Training) and aims to create a new training course in vocational education and training focused on developing storytelling skills in the elderly to socially include them in the society.


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