STAND: Education Alliance for a safe digitalisation

Dec 18, 2023News

Digital tools are a valuable educational resource. That is why the STAND project has supported teachers, students and families over the past two years in coping with the rapid digital transformation that hit the school world at the outbreak of the pandemic.

The STAND project has reached its conclusion. In two years, more than 150 teachers, 150 parents and about 500 children have been involved in 4 European countries in training, in-depth training and reflection activities on issues related to the digitization of the educational system, the opportunities and risks of the Internet. It was a path full of exchange, awareness and encounter that show us how cooperation and educational alliance between school, family and third sector is fundamental.

The month of December was an opportunity to celebrate the project’s achievements and spread them as widely as possible. The partners met in Girona, last December 3 and 4, and on that occasion a final conference was held with a wide participation of the local community.

In our area, a final event presenting the project results was held last December 13th in Partinico, hosted by the Cassarà Guida Comprehensive Institute of Partinico, a partner in the project.

In the presence of the principal of the institute as well as the mayor and the councellor, the staff of our Center and the teachers who actively contributed to the implementation of the project, recounted the path taken, the outputs developed and the activities that involved the school teachers themselves, but also parents and students in the last year. The event was attended by many members of the local community, representatives of other schools in the city, of different orders and grades, as well as civil society associations and other institutions active in the area. The speech by external expert Luigi Lombardo, police inspector, was also a rich opportunity to discuss the risks of the web and the need to increase awareness and attention to the online conduct of our children.

Particular focus was placed on the presentation of the training materials developed during the project:

  • The MOOC, a rich and comprehensive online platform of content, activities and resources to strengthen the digital skills of teachers and educators;
  • A methodological guide, to better integrate digital tools in a didactics that is truly participatory, cooperative, inclusive, accessible and respectful of others and the environment;
  • A Handbook for online safety aimed at teachers and parents, with lesson plans to be used directly with students, to raise awareness about risks, threats, privacy and data use rules online;
  • The project website and platform with additional resources, in-depth webinars and a forum to connect with teachers and educators from across Europe.

All results are now available on the project website:

This event and project are part of a whole series of other initiatives that our Center and also I.C. Cassarà Guida are pursuing in the field of digitization in education.

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STAND – SUPPORTING CONTINUED ACCESS TO EDUCATION ENHANCING SCHOOLS’ DIGITAL READINESS is a project financed by the Erasmus+ program, KA2: Cooperation Partnerships in the field of school education.