We work to ensure equal access to online education

Nov 15, 2022News

Supporting continued access to education enhancing schools’ digital readiness: this is the main objective of STAND.

On November 7 and 8, the Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci hosted the project partners. This was an opportunity to share achievements, exchange ideas and reflections and plan the development of upcoming activities.

From now on, the STAND project will train teachers and staff from primary and lower secondary schools, through targeted ICT/digital support and new training opportunities to acquire digital competences and deal with distance learning, teaching and bureaucratic activities.

Furthermore, it will also respond to the need of students in the age 6-12 so that minors have equal access to education online while being protected against future risks of social exclusion and other risks that are inherent to the virtual world.

Finally, the project also focuses on families, and their need for basic digital skills and tools in order to support their children in distance learning and homework.

The activities to make this possible have already begun! To learn more about STAND, read the project factsheet or contact Antonella Alessi at antonella.alessi@danilodolci.org.   

To find out about updates you can follow our Facebook page, where you will find publications about upcoming events.

STAND – SUPPORTING CONTINUED ACCESS TO EDUCATION ENHANCING SCHOOLS’ DIGITAL READINESS is a project financed by the Erasmus+ program, KA2: Cooperation Partnerships in the field of school education.


For further information read more about STAND, visit the website http://www.standproject.eu/ and follow us on Facebook.

Contact Antonella Alessi: antonella.alessi@danilodolci.org