STAND: Making the most of digital teaching

Jun 9, 2023News

Today, digital tools represent a great educational resource and an opportunity not to be missed for teachers of all levels to make lessons more innovative, engaging and comprehensive. The period of distance learning during the pandemic has created great inconvenience but has also opened the door to new possibilities and awareness of the importance of digital skills in the field of education.

Over the past three months, in Italy, Spain, Greece and Poland, more than 100 primary and secondary school teachers have participated in integrated online and face-to-face training to improve their digital skills and learn how to make the most of all the opportunities the digital world offers: apps, platforms, learning management systems, mobile devices and programmes to support teaching.

The benefits of using digital tools are many: more individualised learning can be promoted, enhancing the talents and abilities of each individual and adapting the teaching and learning style to the different needs in the classroom; exchange and collaboration are facilitated; creativity is stimulated and performance can be assessed more effectively, giving and receiving immediate feedback.

We recently met in Greece, in Thessaloniki, to analyse the results of the training carried out in the different countries and to collect feedback from the participants in order to improve the platform by making it even more user-friendly and useful for teachers.

Lots of content and resources are available for free in 5 languages – Italian, English, Polish, Greek and Catalan – on the STAND project platform. Join us!

From the next school year, new activities, workshops for teachers and online info-sessions for parents and students will be organised to talk about methodological guidelines on the use of digital tools, online safety, data protection and digital identity: in fact, it is important not only to be aware of the existing digital tools to support teaching, but also to use them appropriately and safely.

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STAND – SUPPORTING CONTINUED ACCESS TO EDUCATION ENHANCING SCHOOLS’ DIGITAL READINESS is a project financed by the Erasmus+ program, KA2: Cooperation Partnerships in the field of school education.