Ready, set, go…the MOOC of STAND has been activated!

Mar 31, 2023News

After many months of work with STAND project partners on the creation of 5 educational modules, we have finally kicked off the individual learning activities of the MOOC.

On March 16th the presentation of the training course for teachers and school staff of the I.C. Cassarà – Guida of Partinico was organized. During the meeting the MOOC was presented to the numerous participants. It is composed by 5 self-learning modules and a calendar with webinars and in-person sessions to follow after each module.

There are different activities planned for the following modules in the coming weeks:

  1. Use of digital tools in the classroom – the participants will learn about a wide range of computer tools that can be used for teaching in the classroom.
  2. Media literacy and digital literacy – the participants will discover the differences between two concepts: digital literacy and media literacy. They will learn what digital media literacy is and why it is so important in education today.
  3. Subject-specific use of digital platforms and tools this module is based on the proper use of digital tools for teaching science, arts and technology subjects.
  4. Designing a course using LMS this module will explain learning management systems (LMS) and their most important common features.
  5. Mobile Devices to Support Teaching mobile devices can be tools of equity and empowerment for students and can help them understand complex concepts.

Register now in the e-learning platform and acquire digital skills that will help you improve distance learning management.

STAND – SUPPORTING CONTINUED ACCESS TO EDUCATION ENHANCING SCHOOLS’ DIGITAL READINESS is a project financed by the Erasmus+ program, KA2: Cooperation Partnerships in the field of school education.


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