STEM tool to cope with crisis

Apr 21, 2021News

How to innovate education with new technologies?

Imagine being able to visit a distant museum, walk among dinosaurs, observe the past or deepen any topic with a click. This is the world that young people live in today, who have access to infinite digital resources. But how to engage them in class, when a book is not enough anymore? How to help teachers integrate new technologies into their teaching?

The project CRIS-Combating crisis situations by innovative STEM tools and entrepreneurship skills is aimed at teachers of lower secondary school, with the aim of enhancing their digital/ICT skills.

The goal of the project is to enable teachers to use entrepreneurial mindset, 3D printing and virtual and augmented reality to promote proactive and prosocial behaviors in the face of critical situations. Through immersive teaching methodologies with elements of gamification and competition, the project offers a more innovative, stimulating and inclusive STEM and ICT education.

This project foresees the following outcomes:

  • Curriculum and manual for teachers on crisis management, growth mindset, and AR/VR and 3D printing
  • Toolkit for teachers
  • Web platform and e-learning modules
  • Award framework for evaluation of projects developed by and by participants

CRIS – Combating crisis situations by innovative STEM tools and entrepreneurship skills is funded by the Erasmus + Program – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships – School.


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