Step Forward: Follow-up on active citizenship

Mar 16, 2018News


The NGO AENAO organized the first part of the European program «STEP FORWARD» in November of 2017. The second part “follow up” took place in Thessaloniki from 7 to 9 of March 2018. Representatives of the participant countries: Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Egypt, Finland, Algeria, Georgia, Bulgaria and Italy attended this three-day event. The training in both events was flexible while creating a combination of theory and act. There was active participation, exchange of experiences, teamwork, conversations, brainstorming, simulation exercises, role-playing games etc
The working methods were based on a non-formal education and whilst always keeping in mind the personal needs and interests of the participants.

First, after the end of the first part the participants planed the dissemination of the program in their local community and that was one of the main subjects of the second meeting. Every representative of each country presented their own interventions. Such as:

  • Interviews on radio stations
  • City games themed with the Erasmus+ programs
  • Workshops
  • Speeches and presentations in educational places
  • After these, there was a rating of the success of the practices and the methods that were used.

One of the objectives of the program was to create the bases for a bigger social networking and the boosting of a long-time collaboration. On this occasion, the first day there was a visit at the NGO Alter Ego where we met the people of this organization and we discuss with them about their actions in the local community as well as in a European level.

There was also important to give the opportunity to the participants to organize new movements based on the European strategies and the goals for 2020 which we studied on a grate scale.

On the whole, there was an assessment of the level of the participants ( where we are and where we want to get, how this program affected us ) and also as a whole ( rating the program and the team and our movements. )

Step Forward is a mobility project aimed at 39 young people from 11 countries – Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Egypt, Finland, Algeria, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy – with the aim of promoting the Erasmus+ Programme and informing young people about the mobility opportunities offered by the programme.