The Art of Cycling – Art and Cycling together for a more sustainable life

May 19, 2021News

On the 18th and 19th May 2021, we have participated in the Kick off Meeting of the new project The Art of Cycling together with our partners Eco Logic (The Republic of North Macedonia) and Vuelta Sport Association (Hungary). The meeting has been a chance to introduce ourselves and our work, focusing on the planning of the activities of the project.

The pandemic has had effects on almost every aspect of our life and habits. In particular, we have witnessed an upsurge in the use of the bicycle as a safe and sustainable means of transport that requires maintenance skills that most of people do not have. Beside this, we assisted to the difficulties that artists had to face with their profession. In this project, we have put together these two worlds – the bicycle and the art – towards a more sustainable life. The Art of Cycling aims to:

  • empower adults in learning a valuable new basic skill (bicycle assembly, repairs and maintenance) that will enable them to easily overcome certain challenges in the time of pandemic, and to adapt an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle;
  • develop skills in artists in a new medium (bicycle frames and other parts design and painting) that they can use as a new/supplementary source of income in time of pandemics.

During the Kick off Meeting, we as partners adopted the same spirit that holds together the project using creativity and sustainability as our guide lines. In the coming months, we will be devoted to the development of a curriculum of 10 video lessons on how to assemble, maintain and customise bicycles through art that will have as target both adults and artists. The content will be proposed and tested with our target groups in a series of workshop and events in each country.  In this first meeting, we discussed on the topics of the curriculum, its structure and potential video. In the coming weeks we will first research best practices already existing on this field, involving people and associations already working in the bicycle and art worlds.

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