Cycling and creativity: read the second newsletter of The Art of Cycling

Dec 12, 2022News

We are glad to present the second newsletter of The Art of Cycling project, in which we shared the latest activities of the project. Over the past six months, the Art of Cycling team has focused on filming seven videos for the first part (Part A), which will feature both practical and theoretical cycling-related exercises.

We are approaching the conclusion of this project and we have already planned the next activities:

  • Recordings of the videos of Part B

In November we started filming the Part B videos, which will provide knowledge on how to restore a bicycle. The part B is divided in different parts: the first step is disassembly; the second is the removal of paint; the third includes the application of artistic decorations on the frame, the reassembly of the parts on the frame, and finally re-assembling the parts on the frame.

Don’t worry, as it might sound complicated, we have thought out every detail on how to teach you each step in the videos.

  • Organisation of workshops

It is very important for us to follow the process of the work we are doing, and to this, several workshops will be organised involving both people with a basic knowledge of cycling and people without experience.

  • Final event

In March, at the last part of the project, partners will organise a final event in the country, during which all the products of the project developed over the past two years will be presented. In addition, during the event, participants will have the opportunity to bring their own bicycles and decorate them following the instructions provided by the artists. 

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TAC – The Art of Cycling is a project funded by the program Erasmus + – KA2: Strategic Partnership | Adult. TAC aims to teach adults a new and valuable basic skill (bicycle assembly, repair and maintenance) that will enable them to adopt an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Part A illustrates, starting with the basics, how to start pedaling and how to properly ride a bicycle. While the second part (Part B) is more challenging but fun because it shows the entire process of restoring a bicycle.


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