The Art of Cycling: bringing together the bicycle world and the art world

Mar 4, 2022News

The partners of the project The Art of Cyciling (Erasmus+ KA 2 – Adult Education) met in Budapest at the office of Vuelta Sportegyesület on the 1st and 2nd of March 2022. Vuelta, together with Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci e ad Eco Logic, the coordinator of the project, have discussed in these two days on the progresses and achievements made in almost a year of activities and on future steps to undertake. The project aims at bringing together the bicycle world and the art world. To do so,  partners are working on the creation of a training course to promote responsible use of the bicycle by adults and to promote techniques and artistic expressions to adjust and customise bicycles by artists. The course will be available in two formats, on a booklet and in a series of videos. After the completion of these resources, partners will organise laboratories and workshops to present and test the created course.

TAC – The Art of Cycling is financed by Erasmus + – KA2: Strategic Partnership | Adult.


Eco Logic (The Republic of North Macedonia, Coordinator)

Vuelta Sport Association – Vuelta Sportegyesület (Hungary)


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