The Online Training Course on Positive Thinking for NEETs and ESLeavers re-engagement has come to an end!

Apr 4, 2022News

Between 22-31 March 2022, CSC Danilo Dolci has implemented the Online Training Course on
Positive Thinking for #NEETs and #ESLeavers re-engagement, “No N.E.E.T. to Worry”. The training
course gathered 25 youth workers, project leaders and youth facilitators working in the proposed
theme, coming from 12 countries (Italy, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, North Macedonia, Romania,
Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Slovenia & France).
“No Neet to Worry – was an 8-days Online Training Course with the aim of stimulating reflection
on the situation of young #NEETs (young people not engaged in education, employment or
training) and #ESLs (early school leavers) and on the context and personal motivations that lead
them to find themselves in a state of static limbo.
The Training Course focused on adopting positive attitude, fostering resilience and soft skills useful
for youth workers to support these vulnerable groups in re-engage in society. The training was
delivered in 8 sessions, each of which with a different focus, but consistent with the training path:
from the discussion on Youth Work, reflection on Positive Thinking and how it can be useful, to the
analysis of own and others’ Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats; from the
consideration on employability skills and working on the re-engagement process, to the
presentation of practical tools and methodologies for NEETs and E.S.Leavers re-engagement; from
the implementation of workshops using ICT tools, to the deepening on Erasmus+ programme,
European funding opportunities for young people, and networking.

The online Training Corse focused on adopting positive attitude, fostering resilience and soft skills
useful for youth workers to be used to support these vulnerable groups in re-engage in society.
The main topic addressed were:
● Early School Leaving and combating failure in education
● Labour market issues including career guidance and youth unemployment
● Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)


“It was my first experience on this form of training with different people from other
countries. I really enjoyed, it was amazing, to share our experiences and learn news
methods how to work with youth people” – Antonio Luis Teixeira de Nobrega (Portugal)
“It’s been a beautiful experience, to meet all this new people with different and interesting
backgrounds, to share a little of my knowledge & be able to inspire them to create their
visual presentations. Thank you all, wish you the best!” – Eli (Spain)

“It was a very informative and entertaining experience with you. It was fun to meet and
exchange ideas with the people who live all around the world” – Ibrahim Atmaca (Turkey)
“I liked that the training was practical and interactive. The tools that you shared are helpful
for my personal and professional life, thank you! I do feel, that for people who already have
many experiences it could be too basic” – Vita Gaiser (Slovenia)
“Meeting people from other cultures and listening to their perspectives on events added a
lot to me. The fact that we carried out an interactive study also ensured that this
experience was active and permanent” – Derya Amina Sancak (Turkey)
“I have learned a lot of new things on the topic of NEETs and ESL. Very informative and fun
experience” – Aleksandra Galkina (Spain)

Despite the need to implement the Training Course online due to the persistent restrictions
caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the activities were effectively adapted to be conducted online,
the learning objectives were assessed and achieved, cohesion was created in the group and active
participation was remarkable.
For further information, please contact Bala Ram Gaire;