Jul 25, 2022News

Emotional intelligence and soft skills: the first round of the DISAWORK online training course was successful.

During five weeks of training, from the 19th of May to the 26th of June, we explored the concept of emotional intelligence in the workplace and its various aspects.

In addition, we learnt to reflect upon our own behaviour and the behaviour of those around us, in order to improve our adaptability and interpersonal skills in our private lives and at work.

Mixing online training and self-study, the course gave participants the opportunity to interact and test themselves with the learning materials by solving weekly challenges.

You couldn’t attend the training? No problem! The course is still available on the Disawork website.

Register on the platform and sign up for the course.

The objectives of the online course are:

  • Describe and define emotional intelligence and identify its components.
  • Apply the concept of emotional intelligence to a workplace setting.
  • Demonstrate what makes emotional intelligence different from ‘traditional’ intelligence.
  • Identify the ability to manage emotional intelligence skills according to the organisational climate and employees’ creativity.
  • Detect dangers and opportunities of those emotions in the productive process.
  • Encourage participants to implement better emotional management.

The training contents are in English. Subtitles are available in English; subtitles in Italian, Greek, Spanish, German and Romanian will be added by October.

Do you want more information about the course? Click here: https://disawork.eu/courses/disawork-bringing-eq-to-the-workspace/

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DISAWORK is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.


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