Dal trasmettere al comunicareFrom transmission to communication

May 16, 2012News

Macerata, 17 – 27 May 2012The Municipality of Macerata promoted a collaboration with the Rebis theatre, that has realized theatrical laboratories divided into different modules ( image; creative writing; sound). “My school for peace” project is dedicated to Danilo Dolci, a popular educator, poet, sociologist and activist of nonviolence. 2012 coincides with the 60th anniversary of Danilo Dolci’s arrival in Sicily. The project includes a final exhibition of the works realized by schools during the year. The exhibition, with the collaboration of the Rebis theatre, is in the Antichi Forni Gallery from 21 to 26 May. During this time, there will be also a nonviolence week: a series of events aimed at raising public awareness about peace and human rights.