Two years of Teaching the Future: what have we achieved together?

Dec 15, 2023News

The sector of education is one of the pillars in Europe for tackling the climate change topics in the best way: teachers and educators have the essential role of being the point of reference for students when addressing such difficult subjects and find themselves sometimes in need of more tools and encouragement. Indeed, youngsters are very concerned and in need of some clarity on what is to be done in order to fight climate change also individually.

The project Teaching the Future and its partnership has worked for almost two years to answer to these real needs (of skills acquisition for teachers and of actions for students) and developed interesting tools for secondary school classes. The above-mentioned results are:

1. Report of the analysis of curriculum across partners and the potential for teaching the future, climate education and using open data, that can be found.

2. Online climate data dashboard as a teaching resource targeted at teachers. The dashboard, developed from the University of Saragoza,  gathers climate data and scientific information which can be used by schools to support learning and teaching climate in schools. It allows users to compare datas about climate in all the world and over almost 100 years (including future predictions based on three scenarios of emissions of greenhouse gasses).

3. Online teacher training course focused on teaching about climate change and including suggestions on how to embed climate education in different subjects, using scientific data and encouraging pupil engagement and active citizenship in local issues. The training includes four modules on data literacy, students’ engagement, climate change in theory and fake news misinformation and debunking. It is fully available online here and will be translated very soon in all partners language.

Moreover, during these two years teachers and students have been involved in the testing of the dashboard and in the piloting of activities ending in active citizenship ideas and project. The project partnership hopes and believes that the tools will be used successfully, for addressing the most complex topic of our time in the best way, with some active engagement and information.

TTF – Teaching the Future is financed by Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation Partnership in school education.


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