The volunteering experience abroad of over 50 years adults – “GIVE ME 50 +”

Jul 30, 2015News

Give me 50+_CSC_seniors (5)After almost two years since its start, the Senior Volunteering Project Grundtvig (Lifelong Learning Programme) “GIVE ME 50 +” is coming to an end. Thanks to this project, Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” has had the opportunity to host six British volunteers and from the other hand to send 6 Italian volunteers to Wirral (Liverpool), at the partner association Community Action Wirral (Visita il sito)

The six British volunteers carried out their voluntary work in Palermo from 28th April to 26th May 2014. Divided into pairs, they were involved in the activities of three different local centres addressed to children (Giardino di Madre Teresa, Ubuntu and Casa di tutte le genti), and in the Mensa del Samaritano. In these childcare centres volunteers have participated and proposed various educational and recreational activities based on their past work and volunteering experience, and of course according to their skills and personality. They got quickly and easily integrated in the centres thanks to the attention reserved by the children and the staff. Moreover the volunteers got the chance to learn about the variety of cultures living together in the city of Palermo, as the children of the centre are characterised by a multi-ethnicity background.

At the Mensa del Samaritano, senior volunteers helped in the preparation of meals / hot lunches to be served and provided to people in need and homeless. In the kitchen, the volunteers enjoyed and learned about Italian and Sicilian culture, through the preparation of many dishes and the contact with the local community (staff, volunteers and members of Mensa del Samaritano). This work allowed them to learn about some of the social problems of the city of Palermo and to contribute, even if just a little bit, to the wellness of the disadvantaged people.

Give me 50+_CSC_seniors (2)From the other hand the Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” has sent six Italians over 50 to Wirral (Liverpool), from 9th June to 7th July 2014, where they were warmly welcomed by the VCA Wirral. The volunteers were involved and participated in its daily activities as well as in organizing special events. The main activities were gardening, practical and artistic works for the decoration of the garden and common area, entertainment activities in the hospital Arrowe Park Hospital and entertainment activities addressed to seniors and children in local centres.

The 12 senior volunteers met in Palermo and in Wirral and committed themselves to welcome the group in hosting, through guided tours and non-formal and playful moments, organized with the support of the hosting association. These moments were rich and pleasant and allowed them to get to know the culture and customs of the hosting country.

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