Now online the training for (experienced and aspiring) women entrepreneurs

Apr 26, 2021News

After completing the methodological guide (you can find it here), the WECAN partners delivered in April a 5-day online training, which included the WECAN curriculum. The training is also available on our e-learning platform.

The training offers WECoaches (being experienced entrepreneurs) in-depth skills, knowledge and information to coach other women entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to acquire entrepreneurial skills and mindset to start or expand their business and (re)enter the labour market. You can access our e-learning platform and download the Curriculum and Practitioner Guide here:

The Curriculum of the training is structured in 4 modules:

Module 1 focuses on the relationship between gender and entrepreneurship, highlighting the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs, especially in balancing their business and family life. In addition, the importance of branding and leadership in establishing a business is explored.

Module 2 is dedicated to Lean and Agile business methodologies such as scrum, business model canvas, time management, negotiation and risk management skills in starting up a business.

Module 3 explores some of the skills that an entrepreneur must have when starting a business, some of which are communication, networking and soft skills.

Module 4 focuses on the principles of planning and implementing a social enterprise within a circular economy, and does so through various success stories from all the project partner countries. In addition, the module includes the process of ideation and setting up a social enterprise team, the financial management as well as the minimum technological requirements for a start-up.

The Practitioner Guide supports WECoaches in using the WECAN curriculum. WECoaches will be able to use the curriculum and the guide based on the knowledge they already have, but also on the needs and skills of their coachees. The guide can be used in parallel with the WECAN curriculum as a support to it and/or as a stand-alone resource.

In the coming months we will organise Pilot Trainings in each project partner country. These national trainings aim to involve 18 women currently outside the labour market who want to acquire valuable entrepreneurial skills. For more information on the Pilot Training in Italy please contact Alessandro Bosco:

WECAN – Women’s Entrepreneurship CoAches traiNing (Erasmus+ project) aims at boosting women’s entrepreneurial capacity, empowering the would-be entrepreneurs with a tailored coaching programme.


  • Eurocircle association, France (Coordinator)
  • Center for Knowledge Management, North Macedonia
  • Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Greece
  • I BOX CREATE, Spain
  • Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci, Italy
  • CSI Center for Social Innovation, Cyprus

For further information, contact, see the project website or follow us on Facebook.