Work Together: Intergenerational Activities for Inclusion and Socialization

Mar 22, 2023News

One of the key aspects of Work Together are intergenerational practices that are often viewed with distrust, but in reality these can foster the establishment of values that keep society cohesive. Intergenerational encounters can therefore be effective and whose main benefits can be: strengthening ties between different ages, educating respect for diversity, and fostering the establishment of a united society.

Intergenerational encounters involve the transfer of values, beliefs and skills. All this strengthens ties between two generations that are often considered polar opposites. Points of contact are thus created between people who would otherwise be distant and estranged. Intergenerational practice can also be seen as a social exercise that aims to invite listening and integration, reduce prejudice and discrimination, and overcome barriers.

During these months, several activities were organized within the project, where the seniors helped the children to participate in various nonformal education activities. Likewise, the children in turn helped the seniors to focus on tomorrow and to be open to new things.  Activities were held at local centers such as Ubuntu and Casa nel Bosco.  At Ubuntu, participants worked together on painting, music, and also seniors helped children with homework during after-school activities. While, at Casa nel Bosco, different activities were organized, such as games on memory, gardening, and painting etc.

During the project, the partners collected the best practices from their countries in intergenerational activities to create a toolkit, which will be publish soon. The Toolkit will present two different methods from each partner country that were carried out or the intergenerational activities.

Work Together
is a project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Program – Key Action 2: Strategic-Adult Partnerships, Small-scale partnerships in adult education. And a cooperation platform of 3 organisations – Gulbene Municipality (Latvia, leading organisation), Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Italy) and A.C.T.O.R. (Romania) supporting intergenerational learning and synergies. The main goals of the project are to promote the use of intergenerational education in schools and pre-schools, as well as to promote the social inclusion of seniors. The aim of the project is rooted in the commitment of the organisations to involve adults, especially seniors in the learning process of students. In this involvement, the project partners see significant positive synergies that allows young children to learn from seniors.


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