Youth Guarantee at CSC, two successful stories

Oct 26, 2015News

logo-garanzia-giovani (Copy)This year, also the Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” (CSC) had joined measure 5 within Youth Guarantee, the European Programme addressed to young people between 15 and 29 years of age who are neither in education nor in employment, which allowed to fund extra-curricular job placements aimed at easing orientation, access or reinsertion in the labour market for young people who applied for the programme within the provided deadline.

So, since last May Marta and Vincenzo are doing an internship within Youth Guarantee at CSC, where they carry out tasks which are relevant to their studies and personal attitudes. An access to the labour market which is proving to be satisfying and to give the girls a chance to acquire skills which could not be transmitted through university alone.

Their experience proves how many years of study can be duly rewarded and become a pass to professional fulfillment. “I’ve never had any work experience before now. So, when I graduated I decided immediately to take this opportunity of internship and, after 6 months, I could say that I’ve grown up both on a professional and a personal side” Marta says. On the other hand, Vincenzo states that at CSC he’s living “a really formative experience: I’m learning to work in group and at the same time I put myself to the test with several tasks that my tutors give me. I’m sure that after these months I will have strong foundations that will help me in building my future career”.

The premises appear to be very good, but we hope that for these girls the internship at CSC can be a first step towards a brilliant career!