[English] Youth for Peace: Towards a New World

Mar 30, 2012Nonviolence

Organisation of a multicultural youth exchange in Palermo. The participants were 40 young people from Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and Italy.


Program: Action 1, Youth Program


Duration of project: 15 days, August 2004



  • to learn about the situations of conflict that exist in all these countries
  • to search for non-violent solutions to the specific conflicts
  • to communicate peace through art
  • to create a reflection moment where youngsters could think about peace and develop their own ideas about their active role in the situations resolution



  • Discussion about encounters with the conflicts of each country
  • Arts workshops



  • Development of personal relationships
  • Development of openness to other countries
  • Acquisition of skills and knowledge about conflicts in other countries.


Project Coordinator: Centro per lo Sviluppo Danilo Dolci