How to include people with disabilities at work in SMEs

Dec 12, 2023News

How can the participation of people with disabilities in working life be improved? This important question seeks to be answered by Be inclusive! Over the next two years, project partners will work to:

  • Create motivation and awareness for the employment and training of people with disabilities;
  • Provide basic information on the topic;
  • Integrating people with disabilities into work processes in a better and more sustainable way;
  • To improve the successful employment of people with disabilities;
  • Developing and using digital and innovative teaching material / exchanging experiences and examples of practice from different areas and countries.

On the 7th and 8th of November in Palermo, the project partners met and talked about their experience and the contribution they will make in the coming months. As a first activity, a national research is planned which will include the experiences of the partners, the national framework conditions and best practices for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. As a result of this research, a brochure “People with disabilities in the labour market: integration, inclusion and sustainable employment in SMEs” will be developed with the aim of promoting the motivation of SMEs to employ people with disabilities, providing essential information and supporting sustainable integration in the labour market.  This will be followed by the development of modular learning videos (Microlearning) for SMEs to support the integration process of people with disabilities. They provide concrete suggestions and practical advice. Complementary material to the learning videos also offers additional learning possibilities for in-depth self-study and for use in practice. They are also designed for implementation in training courses in the field of inclusion and the labour market.

Be Inclusive! – How Inclusion of people with disabilities works in SMEs – learning resources for job placement and employment is a project funded by the ERASMUS+KA Programme: Cooperation between organisations and institutions which aims to develop and support approaches on how to improve the participation of people with disabilities in working life.


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