The CC project aims to develop, test and disseminate an innovative method based on the creative approach to adult education. The method will also focus on the needs of disadvantaged adult learners in order to develop social and civic skills. The choice of the theatre and art of puppetry was based on Teatr Grodzki long experience in the use of this specific artistic form in the education and therapy of subjects with mental and physical disabilities. Although puppet theatre is generally perceived as something childish, it can be a very effective and funny way to teach adult learners how to find out their attitudes and abilities needed for true social inclusion.


  • Teatr Grodzki will present its approach to other partners during a training in Scotland in December 2017 using the elements of puppetry and visual narration in adult education;
  • All partners will test the methods presented during the training, modifying and developing them according to the specific needs / constraints of their target groups (locally pilot laboratories – 25/30 days for partners);
  • Based on further training and confirmation experiences during workshops in each country, partners will work together on the methodological guidelines for the use of puppet theatre in adult education programmes for social inclusion.


  • A platform will be launched that will gather good practice and will be used to share / exchange the didactic experience throughout the project;
  • Promotional events will be organized in the last phase of the project in all partner countries;
  • Parallel to the elaboration of methodological guidelines, all partners will work on a more elaborate compendium – a presentation of five different teaching processes and their tangible results. The publication will be published in 8 languages.


Funding institution

Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices: Strategic Partnerships for ADULT education

Project duration

01/10/2017 – 31/09/2019




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Posted on

3 November 2017