DigiVET – Creating Digital Content with the Utilisation of Free Online Resources

The project

DigiVET – Creating Digital Content with the Utilisation of Free Online Resources

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01/04/2021 – 30/09/2023

Funding institution

DGEACEA - Erasmus Plus: KA2 – Partenariati strategici | VET


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Description of the project

The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the difficulties in virtual VET education, that is usually characterized by work-based learning. In this context, DigiVET aims at:

  • Developing innovative virtual teaching and learning solutions for VET trainers;
  • Developing VET trainers’ digital competences and their capacity to develop virtual teaching resources;
  • Building the capacity of VET trainers to adapt their delivery of VET in the digital era and contribute to personal and professional development;
  • Promoting free access to VET digital education resources.


  1. Research on best practices in VET online education and interviews to 300 VET trainers on their teaching needs.
  2. Development of online training course on VET digital education, and an eLearning platform.
  3. Online pilot testing training course for 60 VET trainers on VET digital education.
  4. Short-term in presence training course for 18 VET trainers for the creation of digital contents (18 mini-modules).
  5. Development of the DigiHub platform.


  • Identification of Current Situation (Research study – Report)

Six national studies and a Consolidated Current Situation Report highlighting similarities and differences between the countries, in order to identify common needs to be addressed through the DigiVET Training Programme.

  • DigiVET Training Programme (Training course)

Acessible through an eLearning platform, it is a 30-hour online Training Programme that address the needs of VET trainers in adapting their training delivery approaches and practices for the provision of VET in a digital era.

  • DigiVET Hub (Open Education Resource)

Open library of digital training materials for VET education that collects and makes available the DigiVET training programme and the developed 18 teaching modules. The DigiVET Hub is accessible for the VET trainers or students that wish to learn and to develop new teaching modules.