EFFICIENT PARENTING – EFFective and Innovative approaChes for resilIENT PARENTING

The project

EFFICIENT PARENTING – EFFective and Innovative approaChes for resilIENT PARENTING

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01/11/2019 – 31/10/2021

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Erasmus + - KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships for adult education


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    Description of the project

    EFFICIENT PARENTING “EFFective and Innovative approaChes for resilIENT PARENTING” aims at building the capacity of parents for delivering high quality parenting, thus increasing parents’ and children’s well-being and development. The consortium includes six partner organisations from five countries, who are experts in the field of parenting support, social and civic skills training, adult education and educational technology. The consortium will develop innovative practices and exchange knowledge that will raise parents’ awareness as well as by providing them with appropriate knowledge, skills and competences on delivering quality parenting.


    The project’s objectives which are to:

    • Build the competencies of parents to be more resilient and efficient on their parental role;
    • Develop quality resources to increase resilient parenting;
    • Improve the overall quality of parenting support in the participating countries;
    • Increasing awareness on effective parenting skills among EU citizens.


    • Parents will be able to obtain a deeper knowledge on how to deliver high quality parenting, thus increasing their own and children’s well-being and development;
    • Experts and stakeholders will be also able to better understand the value of promoting high quality parenting practices and how it can contribute in strengthening social inclusion, health, and well-being of EU citizens;
    • A website will be developed along with the project Facebook page;
    • A social media campaign will also take place in order to spread awareness on the need for raising awareness on project outputs and its value.


    • A Handbook to build the capacity of parents, for delivering high-quality and efficient parenting;
    • E-learning space and digital learning resources: design and development of an eLearning space which will act as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of resources developed in this project including e-learning blended modules, videos, and a suite of digital resources that will be collected by the consortium.
    • Impact assessment study and practice recommendations: The aim of this output is to conduct an impact assessment from the implementation of the trainings and resources with at least 200 parents in all partner countries. Parents will participate in blended learning sessions (face to face/F2F and online), be trained to use skills in their daily practice and participate in group work activities showcasing best practices.
    • Policy Recommendations Report: This output will provide recommendations for both practitioners and policymakers.