EUMOSCHOOL – Emotional Education for Early School Leaving Prevention

The project

EUMOSCHOOL – Emotional Education for Early School Leaving Prevention

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01/09/2015 – 31/08/2018

Funding institution

Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices: Strategic Partnership SCHOOL


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    Description of the project

    EUMOSCHOOL project aims at developing, testing and implementing a new coherent methodology and innovative curricula of emotional education within school environments involving 6 countries (Italy, UK, Hungary, Romania, Turkey and Austria) and new contexts to provide an effective intervention model to reduce the phenomenon of Early School Leaving.

    EUMOSCHOOL will develop innovative curricula/educational methods/training to meet the increasing needs both of the educational staff and of the pupils (from 6 to 16 years old).

    The project is based on the adaptation at EU level of the Italian methodology “Didattica delle Emozioni”© (Didactic of Emotions, DoE), developed from 16 years’ experience and investigation into emotional education. The methodology has been successfully tested on 3000 teachers, students, parents/tutors in order to improve the wellbeing & transversal key competencies of pupils thus reducing ESL whilst upgrading professional competencies of teachers & pedagogical staff.

    EUMOSCHOOL will aim to spread the adapted methodology to a wide range of students, teachers, staff and schools through piloting and adoption of emotional education into school curricula.

    Activities & Results

    • COMPARATIVE RESEARCH REPORT: It will generate knowledge on how emotional education is spread among schools & educational institutions in countries involved, raising stakeholders’ level of knowledge working on ESL prevention and it will provide useful information to partners on their countries’ educational policies to better transfer & adapt nationally/culturally the DoE to their contexts to answer to the challenge of ESL (e.g. funding, legislations, teachers’ education & training programmes available online, etc.).The aim is to prepare effective tools for the research in schools, ensuring a quantitative & qualitative perspective so to gather useful responses. The relevant information will be put together in the standardized way.
    • EUMOSCHOOL OER: It is a self-learning OER adapted from DoE targeted to teachers and placed in MoodleThe online course will be divided in 4 modules with specific objectives:
      • Give an overview on the current situation of school, family & education, about the hardships of the new generations & pragmatic perspectives on use of principles of emotional education;
      • Learning of the main theories & more recent studies on the basis of the DoE;
      • Learning the techniques to be used in the classroom with pupils;
      • To learn how to plan & manage interventions of DoE in the classroom.
    • GUIDELINES FOR EUMOSCHOOL IMPLEMENTATION AS AN HOLISTIC APPROACH TO EARLY SCHOOL LEAVING: The aim is to help school sector to improve their capacity to exploit the potential of new technologies for the prevention of ESL through applying DoE as an holistic approach. It will offer an interactive guideline to improve collaboration internally & externally with parents & other external stakeholders, using the Eumoschool OER & other resources included in the Guidelines.
    • POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS: Policy recommendations are aimed at influence policy-makers & other relevant school stakeholders in their ESL strategies at local, national & European levels. They will be based on the experience of this project, taking into account the framework of the Comparative Research Results in order to deliver concrete key Policy Recommendations based on national contexts & educational sectors, & to support the sustainability of the project results beyond the lifetime of EUMOSCHOOL.