EUVHS – A framework for the design and implementation of European Virtual ScHoolS

The project

EUVHS – A framework for the design and implementation of European Virtual ScHoolS

Project Number

EUVHS – 2020-1-DE03-KA226-SCH-093410


01/05/2021 – 30/04/2023

Funding institution

Erasmus + - KA2: Strategic Partnership | School


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    Description of the project

    The project responds to the emergency created in schools (for schools leaders and teachers) and in families (pupils and parents) with the abrupt change to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some schools and some teachers were more equipped for virtual learning, while others are still struggling to bridge this gap.

    EUVHS aims at filling this gap and at developing a standard and efficient level of preparedness and competences in school leaders, teachers, pupils and families indirectly, for virtual learning. The standard level to which EUVHS refers to is set in the Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigiCompEdu). The project will use a practical approach in developing virtual schooling methodologies inspired by existing good practices and by the partners experience in this field.


    • Research on existing good practices for virtual learning.
    • Development of a checklist for virtual learning preparedness, using SELFIE and TET-SAT as reference tools.
    • Reporting on existing practices and resources for virtual schooling at a national level.
    • Development of a practical guide for effective virtual schooling.
    • Development of two training courses:
      1. a training on virtual schooling addressed to school leaders, teachers and staff;
      2. a training on how to be effective online learners addressed to students.


    – Virtual Schooling for School Leadership Teams and Teachers
    A practical toolkit which will support schools, school leadership teams and teachers, design and deploy Virtual schooling. It will be composed by resources, research, pedagogical material, case studies, practical tips, and a collection of OERs activities that can be adapted and adopted to learn how to teach online in secondary education, with some recommendations for primary education.

    – Training Course for School Leadership Teams, Teachers, and Staff
    A training course for teachers and school leadership teams to prepare them integrate online education in their practices. The focus will be on the basic elements needed to be able to effectively design, develop and implement innovative and interactive eLearning courses to secondary school students.

    – Training course for students on how to be effective online learners
    A training course to support high school students become effective online learners. It will provide methodologies and approaches to support students to be productive and learn online.

    – eLearning platform and OERs on Virtual Schooling
    An online space where the courses, OERs, and digital toolkit developed within the project will be hosted. Interested individuals can register, free of charge, without specific entrance prerequisites. The course will be offered free of charge, in a self-paced mode.