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26 months

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Con i Bambini


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    FuoriTema proposes to initiate a process already underway in the Kalsa-Sant’Erasmo neighborhoods of Palermo, aimed at developing and establishing a collective entity composed of actors involved in the educational and cultural life of the community. The presence of two community cultural spaces in Kalsa and Sant’Erasmo within municipally owned buildings, experiences of urban regeneration and social innovation, parental mobilizations, interventions in urban redevelopment involving children, participatory teaching experiments, and pedestrian education initiatives are all ongoing processes within an emerging educational community. In our definition, this community places the themes of public space, combating inequalities, and mutualism at the center of its paradigm of change.

    The proposed path design focuses on continuity and is structured into 5 macro-actions; most activities will be defined during the project using a co-design method to ensure the participation of children, parents, residents, and numerous public and private entities actively involved in defining the territory’s educational offerings and policies. We aim to involve new stakeholders who share a common vision and to experiment with a horizontal organizational model that allows for generative dialogue with schools and public entities, starting from the activism of the third sector.

    Today, after years of the pandemic and strain on the educational system, a dedicated process for relating to schools becomes necessary—an inclusive process involving dialogue, listening, open critical confrontation, and constructive discussion to design a shared action plan for the territory.

    Scope of intervention:

    • Development of children’s non-cognitive skills;
    • Strengthening teachers’ competences;
    • Strengthening parenting skills;
    • Activation of new spaces for minors or educational places


    • Analysis of educational and cultural contexts in the Kalsa and Sant’Erasmo neighborhoods of Palermo
    • Co-design of activities with the participation of children, youth, parents, residents, and public and private stakeholders
    • Implementation of educational and cultural activities in the area
    • Monitoring and evaluation of activities conducted
    • Dissemination of results and best practices


    • Increase in non-cognitive skills of minors
    • Strengthening of skills among teachers and parents
    • Establishment of new educational and cultural spaces for minors
    • Consolidation of a collaborative network among public entities, private organizations, and the local community


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