HADRIAN – Heritage Awareness DRiving Active Networks

Project Description

The objective of the HADRIAN project is to develop and pilot a ‘teach-the-teacher’ toolkit in order to enable the teachers at secondary schools to convey values and knowledge with their students about cultural heritage, environment and urban development.

The project stresses the importance of the historical aqueducts, namely, the Hadrian aqueduct (Athens), the Qanaat (Palermo) and the inner-waterways at Delfshaven neighborhoods (Rotterdam).  Specifically, the project focuses on the topic of cultural heritage and the related added-values, from artistic value to social utility.

In this context, the project will provide teachers with specific tools in order to promote social values through the topic of the historical aqueducts.

The main outcome of HADRIAN will be to re-conceptualize the idea of Heritage Awareness (including tcultural and environmental aspects) as a driving force to motivate students towards cooperation, community-building and social engagement. In this way, the project will support sustainable, integrated, people-based urban development.


  • Implementation of a desk research at local and European level, focusing on the importance that Cultural and Historical Heritage have inside official educational curricula;
  • Elaboration of questionnaires to teachers on the importance that Cultural and Historical Heritage have at local level in their everyday activities with students;
  • Elaboration of tools that will enhance the teachers’ competences concerning the following subjects: methodologies for the participation of students, possible actions valorising the Cultural and Historical Heritage, the involvement of stakeholders in order to contextualise the schools and the project inside the community;
  • Monitoring of activities valorising Cultural and Historical Heritage inside the schools that are project partners;
  • Collection of feedbacks and suggestions on project implementation from those teachers and students involved;
  • Elaboration of a digital App concerning the Management of Cultural and Historical Heritage;
  • Elaboration of an online open platform in which the main project outcomes are inserted.



  • An innovative Case-study of reconceptualising Heritage Awareness as a driving force to motivate students towards cooperation, community building and social engagement for sustainable and integrated urban development;
  • 4 teaching tools aiming at involving students in the project topics, namely, cultural heritage, environment and urban development;
  • A Manual for teachers in secondary education concerning heritage awareness as a “force” fostering cooperation, community-building and social engagement towards sustainable and integrated urban development;
  • HADRIAN (Heritage Awareness DRiving Active Networks) platform that gathers the main outcomes of the project.



Funding Institution

DG EAC, Education and Training, Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships | School

Project Total Duration

25/09/2019 – 24/09/2021



CSC: alessandro.lapegna@danilodolci.org