HERo – New narratives towards a gender equal society

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HERo – New narratives towards a gender equal society

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01/11/2019 – 31/10/2022

Funding institution

EUROPEAID / European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) for Kyrgyzstan 2018- 2019


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    Description of the project

    The project HERo – New narratives towards a gender equal society is aimed at supporting transformation of deeply entrenched patriarchal behavioral attitudes in the Kyrgyz Republic by fighting against the spread of gender and social discrimination in education, mass media, and applying an effective and productive response to gender-based discrimination, in line with Sustainable Development Goal 5. The project wants to support government bodies, civil society organizations, education institutions and the media in promoting gender equality and preventing gender discrimination, and disseminating positive gender narratives at all levels of society.

    HERo will collaborate closely with several Ministries and institutional bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic (namely: 1) Ministry of Labor and Social Development; 2) Ministry of Education and Science; 3) Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism; 4) State Agency for Local Government and Interethnic Relations; 5) State Commission for Religious Affairs) in order to produce a long term impact in the Kyrgyz society, whose benefits will reach all its citizens.


    • Development of a standard model to ensure the gender mainstreaming process in the Kyrgyz Republic, declined for all the fields of project implementation (public institutions, education, media, community).
    • Development of capacity building trainings to meet the learning needs of all target groups (education workers, journalists and media, teachers and textbook authors, religious organizations, CSOs, governement bodies’ & ministries staff).
    • Support to strengthen the legal framework to fight gender discrimination & violence.


    • Research and analytical reviews of the gender dimension in the priority areas of the project (CSOs; Gender-sensitive media standard, Gender policy collaboration).
    • Normative legal documents on the regulation of gender issues in the framework of priority areas.
    • Methodical guides, manuals for target groups of the project in Kyrgyz and Russian languages.
    • Training modules, training courses, including online, in Kyrgyz and Russian Videos, educational materials, information campaigns and actions in Kyrgyz and Russian
    • Raising-awareness events to spread the results and involve the target groups at all levels.
    • 1047 people trained among staff of local authorities and ministries, educational experts, journalists, media professionals and representatives of CSOs.
    • 3346 people reached by the activities of the project.

    Download the report summarizing the main results of the project.