I don’t #masturhate

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I don’t #masturhate

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09/04/2014 – 30/06/2014


OSIFE (Open Society Initiative for Europe)


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Description of the project

I don’t #masturhate is an International campaign conceived to fight against hate speech, which has become more frequent nowadays in political communication. According to some experts, this phenomenon would increase severely throughout the European election campaign 2014. I don’t #masturhate project involves Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

The project aims at stigmatizing hate speech by using the hashtag #masturhate on social networks and on the Internet. Created by Michael Hornicky and Michael Moravec, this word is a sort of pun in English, as it puts together the verb masturbate and the noun hate. It is used to point at the so called “hate speech”, i.e. the expression of racist, sexist and discriminatory thoughts of any kind. Freedom of thought is a fundamental and inalienable right, although it should never become a tool to offend other people.

This campaign will be carried out through a website and the main social networks, besides it will culminate during the election days. Testimonials and local people will be involved, in order to foster its dissemination.


  • Creation and dissemination of a website conceived for the communication campaign.
  • Monitoring hate speech on the Internet.
  • Using and disseminating the hashtag of the campaign in order to stigmatizing hate speech.
  • Involving local people in the communication campaign.