(IN)School – developing skills for life

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(IN)School – developing skills for life

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01/09/2018 - 31/08/2021

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Erasmus +, Key Action 2: strategic partnerships| School


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    Description of the project

    In a world of increasing diversity, schools play an important role in the integration of students who have a higher chance of being excluded or marginalized. The (In)School project works on the prevention and intervention against marginalization through differentiated, innovative and appropriate educational responses, in line with the philosophy of the inclusive school.

    Studies show that psycho-educational programmes that articulate activities of sensory and cognitive-emotional stimulation are fundamental to children’s educational success and their adaption to school. Those studies also highlight the essential role of specialized teachers training in these kinds of programmes. Research shows the correlation between weak development of certain sensory, cognitive, social and emotional skills, with learning difficulties and ultimately, school failure.

    Therefore, the (in)school project wants to improve education success and fully social and social inclusion by focussing on the development of sensory, cognitive, social and emotional skills of young children in the age between 5-7. These skills are known to be essential for learning how to read, write and calculate.

    This will be done through several dimensions:

    • The creation of a Psycho-educational centre in the Maximinos School in Portugal, where children develop skills while interaction and exploring multiple materials and performing various tasks to adapt to their cognitive-emotional development.
    • The evaluation and construction of children’s cognitive profiles presented through an interactive platform
    • Creation of didactic-pedagogical activities and toys to stimulate the sensory and cognitive-emotional development and enrichment, adapted to each student and according to the outlined profile
    • Construction of a benchmark for teach training based on the contribution of neuropsychology and neuroeducation at a European level.


    • 4 transnational meetings
    • Creation of innovative intellectual products: (IN)profiler, (IN)resources, (IN)powering Teachers: teachers Training Referential
    • Development of Hands on Practice activities – testing of the intellectual products
    • Creation of an online platform for the sharing of knowledge, best practices, and experiences among teachers
    • Development of (in)formation actions to insure the dissemination of the projects and the dissemination of the project results
    • International Conference



    • First output – (IN)profiler: interactive platform including:
      • Evaluation and construction of students’ cognitive-emotional, social and behavioural profiles
      • Creation of didactic-pedagogical materials and activities for the stimulation of sensory and cognitive-emotional development and enrichment, adapted to each student and according to the outlined profile
    • Second output – (IN)resources: materials and didactic-pedagogical resources for the stimulation of sensory and cognitive-emotional enrichment and development, to be integrated in the psycho-educational Centre
    • Third output – (IN)powering teachers: a benchmark for teacher training, based on the contributions of neuropsychology and neuroeducation at an European level.
    • Creation of a psycho-educational centre in the school of Maximinos
    • 1 International conference