Inventing the future: Reciprocal maieutic approach for conflict transformation

The project

Inventing the future: Reciprocal maieutic approach for conflict transformation

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December 2006 – November 2008

Funding institution

DG EAC: Youth Action 5, Support Measures, Innovative Co-operation, Training and Information Projects.


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    Description of the project

    The project lasted for two years. Each partner  chose a conflict depending on the historical, social and political context of his country, and considered the non-violent transformation of these conflicts through activities that put into practice the reciprocal maieutic approach.

    The project “Inventing the Future” was designed with the idea of allowing people from different countries to collectively think about the possibility of non-violent conflict transformation, with an informal approach to education and international mobility. Five EU countries and two countries in the Middle East participated. The countries involved were: Italy (country coordinator), Moldova, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Israel and Palestine.

    “Inventing the Future” was funded by the program “Youth in Action”. It used the reciprocal maieutic approach, a non-formal educational method based on consideration and valorization of others through listening, creativity and comparison with others.


    • Reflection upon the causes and consequences of multiethnic, multicultural and religious conflict;
    • Learning how to analyze conflicts and develop strategies to solve them;
    • Helping young people develop skills to manage conflict situations in a nonviolent way;
    • Mobilization of the knowledge and resources of all participants;
    • Creating a Europe-wide exchange of experiences and good practices with regard to non-violent conflict transformation.


    The project activities were carried out both locally and internationally.

    • Kick-off meeting
    • Draft of a manifesto
    • Youth exchange
    • Peer education
    • Voluntary Service
    • International seminar
    • Final seminar