LETsTALK – developing gender sensitive mental health program for young people

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LETsTALK – developing gender sensitive mental health program for young people

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01/01/2022 – 30/12/2023

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Erasmus + - KA: Cooperation partnerships in youth


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Description of the project

The project LETsTALK: developing gender sensitive mental health program for young people (Erasmus + KA2: Cooperation partnerships in youth) wan to strengthen the capacity of youth workers in supporting young peoples’ mental health with focus on gender sensitive approach to mental health issues. The project primarily develops personal and social competences of youth workers to better understand and support children and youth’s mental health with special sensitivity for gender differences, as they seem to be a crucial factor in tailoring the mental health interventions for young people.

The key objective of this project is to strengthen youth work community to carry on projects in promoting and maintaining the Mental Health of young people inclusive of all genders and thus leading to an increase in quality, innovation and recognition of youth work as key stakeholders in supporting young people.


  • Policy analysis, interviews & focus groups to map the best practices on education and training with young people’s mental health on EU and national level, with focus on the gender perspective.
  • creation of the Program Curriculum for youth workers in the area of Youth mental health, dedicated to deeper understanding of young women and men specific needs.
  • Involvement of youth workers, young people especially those who are experiencing or have experienced mental health issues to participate on the training, contributing to the further creation of the project results.
  • Training on Mental Health with Young People and Youth Workers
  • 1 Multiplier Event in each country


    A Policy document based on the desk research and field research in 4 partner countries, aimed at the decision and policy makers, but also the managers and experts in the field of youth mental health and youth education. It will inform the key persons and youth experts on the importance of gender sensitive approach to youth mental health, explain the difference we see in young women and men facing mental health issues and help them tailor and implement efficient policies and strategies to address the issues and provide the needed support systems.
  • Gender sensitive youth mental health program and toolkit resources
    A Training Program consisting of:
    1) Training curriculum
    2)Handbook for youth workers, focused on a) Importance of gender perspective on mental health of youth from developmental perspective; b) Recommendations on gender-sensitive support to young people by youth workers; c) Gender-sensitive pedagogical tools and interventions in supporting young people’s mental health; 
    3) Workbook for young people: different self-reflective, informative and interactive handouts for young people
    A DIGITAL PLATFORM containing all project results alongside up-to-date research, good practice examples and stories on the topic of Mental Health and youth work. The platform will be divided in 4 sections: 1) Research and Policy; b) Training Courses; c) Resources and materials; d) Interactive Open Space and coaching.