La maieutica come strumento di crescita civile

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La maieutica come strumento di crescita civile

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    The project takes inspiration from the experience of social and educative work of Danilo Dolci and his collaborators, started in Western Sicily since 1952. The volunteers operate in the historical center of the town, where there are many social, economic and cultural problems. In this context our organisation has created, in cooperation with other cultural no profit associations, a place of meeting and growing up, where youth can meet to develop different kind of social and cultural projects.

    Programme: National Civil Service


    • Promotion of active citizenship
    • Construction of a service and participation culture
    • Development of an active minority able to create and spread effectively a service and participation culture
    • Creation of a network between the organisations working in the local field


    • Research in the local context
    • Networks building
    • Deveopment of direct and indirect inclusion path


    • Diffusion of a solidarity culture
    • Creation of support networks for subject at risk
    • Development of personal skills of the volunteers