MaMuMi – Mapping the Music of Migration

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MaMuMi – Mapping the Music of Migration

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01/11/2019 – 31/10/2021

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Erasmus+ KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships for adult education


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    Descrizione del progetto

    MaMuMi “Mapping the Music of Migration” is a two-year pan-European, Erasmus+ musical inheritance project focused on talking about music and song as a tool for intercultural competency. It has 7 partners in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain and the UK and involves the collection, editing and uploading of “Song Stories”, stories about music to an interactive app. These stories focus on “inheritance tracks”; the songs or music that migrants have inherited, the discussion of which acts as a platform for diversity awareness in dedicated MaMuMi “Song Worlds” Workshops’.

    The project is driven by the principle that innovative training spaces form part of broader integration strategies that can actively help tackle issues of diversity and social inclusion common across the EU. The project moves from a review of theory and practice in the field of music as a tool for integration, to facilitating a user guide that can be deployed by NGOs in the sector, to an audio collection of case studies from the workshop and then finally, an interactive map which places each migrant’s story of the music they have inherited on a point of beginning and traces its journey across Europe. The project aims to use storytelling about music as a positive mechanism to counter negative stereotype and to open up enabling enunciative spaces.


    1. To give migrants a space where they can use music to tell their song stories and so bolster self-esteem and importance in a new or unwelcome environment;
    1. To offer staff working in NGOs with migrants a tool (the MaMuMi workshop) which will enable deeper understanding of their clients;
    2. The Music Migration Map will be a free to use interactive app that will evidence migrant stories and journeys.


    • A methodological framework (IO1);
    • MaMuMi Music Workshops, where participants will be trained in the Song Stories method (IO2);
    • the MaMuMi Audio Collection, where participants will upload stories to the online archive as part of the MaMuMi website (IO3);
    • the MaMuMi Music Migration Map, where individual song stories (audio and clips of music) will be added to a virtual map (IO4);
    • a Briefing Paper detailing the project and its journey (IO5).


    1. Increased understanding of the histories and emotional pasts of migrants;
    2. Increased understanding for migrants of NGOs’ pasts (as trainers will be invited to partake in the workshops too, providing their own song stories – although these will not be mapped on the app);
    3. Visibility of specific migration journeys narrated by migrants themselves via the MaMuMi method of talking about song.