MYSTY – MyStory: Digital Storytelling Toolbox for Diversity Training in Schools

The project

MYSTY – MyStory: Digital Storytelling Toolbox for Diversity Training in Schools

Project Number


01-11-2016 – 31-10-2018

Funding institution

National Agency (United Kingdom), Erasmus+ KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for School education


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    description of the project

    The current context of rapid migration into Europe and its impact requires an educational response, and digital storytelling is a simple yet very effective means of fostering diversity awareness and intercultural competencies both in pupils and teachers. Digital storytelling is also an effective way to enhance digital competence of pupils and teachers. Using digital storytelling in peer to peer learning scenarios in the classroom enables students and teachers to engage with politically current and pressing issues in ways that are engaging and inclusive, whilst also dynamic and instructional.

    The MYSTY project provides a means for teachers to share and embed innovative teaching practice to enhance awareness of cultural diversity. At the same time it will increase pupils’ cultural awareness and expression and enhance their social and civic competence. MYSTY will also support teacher and pupil digital competence. With a network of teachers, media and education academics, and technicians, the main objective is to create the MYSTY Digital Storytelling Toolbox.



    • Developing methods of how to integrate the MYSTY resources into the school curriculum.
    • Developing of the Guide that will enable pupils, with the support of teachers, and ONG to collect their digital stories.
    • Adopting the Guide with Pupils and Partners in order to capture their digital stories .


    • MYSTY Curriculum Integration Methodologies.
    • MYSTY Pupil Guide for Digital Storytelling.
    • MYSTY Digital stories for inclusion.
    • MYSTY Digital Storytelling Toolbox website .