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01-09-2015 / 01-09-2018

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Erasmus+ Key Activity 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships for school education


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    Description of the project

    The OTHERNESS project addresses the transversal skills correlating to social and civic competences, as well as cultural awareness and expression. The planned project activities are related to educating students to show tolerance, to express and understand different viewpoints, to negotiate with the ability to create confidence, and to feel empathy.

    Project participants will be supported in becoming responsible citizens, valuing diversity and respecting Otherness, in being prepared to overcome prejudices and to compromise, in building a world based on collaboration, assertiveness and integrity, in being interested in socio-economic developments and inter-cultural communication.

    The project will enhance digital integration in learning and training through developing a digital tool complementing the Teachers’ Manual comprising new media products, documentaries, video lessons and other relevant digital e-content.


    • Researching on the way otherness is reflected in school books and teaching materials and on students’ attitude to otherness.
    • Designing a training programme for raising students’ sensitivity to Otherness.
    • Transnational training activities for teachers.
    • Piloting the Training programme during school year 2016-2017.
    • Final implementation of the Training programme during school year 2017-2018.


    • Opinion poll surveying students’ and teachers’ attitudes to Otherness;
    • Research Report on how Otherness concepts are imbedded in school education;
    • Teachers’ Manual for the Training programme for raising students’ sensitivity to Otherness, cultural differences, skills for inter-cultural dialogue and active involvement;
    • Digital tool for raising students’ sensitivity to Otherness
    • Short-term joint staff training events (in Italy and Greece);
    • Piloting and training in schools making use of the designed training programme.