PASSIONPRENEURS – Social Entrepreneurship through passion

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PASSIONPRENEURS – Social Entrepreneurship through passion

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01/11/2019 – 31/10/2021

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Erasmus+ KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships for adult education


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    Description of the project

    PASSIONPRENEURS – “Social Entrepreneurship through passion” project objective is to tackle unemployment and social exclusion of disadvantaged groups with social entrepreneurship through interests, talents and passions of marginalised adults. Social entrepreneurship combines the ideas of business creation, economic development, collaboration of people for common concerns and social challenges.


    1. To build social entrepreneurship capacity within communities in marginalised local areas;
    2. To enable adults to lead change and impact on their communities;
    3. To create resources and support for start-up social enterprises.


    The project will develop numerous activities, produce three intellectual outputs, seven multiplier events and two learning mobilities.


    • Country needs analysis reports, organisation of pilot courses for trainers and organisation of pilot courses for marginalised adults, QA and dissemination.


    • IO1 Training programme ‘Social Entrepreneurship through passion’ (development of curriculum, practical activities and tools, translation);
    • IO2 Trainers’ guide for adult educators with three chapters: identification of interests, talents and passions; guidance to implement the Training Programme; and peer-coaching (development, translation and piloting);
    • IO3 On-line learning platform (development, translation, online community, webinars and information space).


    • C1 Organisation for a learning activity for trainers in Nicosia. 14 trainers-coaches will be trained on how to use the Trainers’ guide;
    • C2 Organisation for a learning activity for adults in Cham. 21 disadvantaged adults will participate in workshops and improve their soft skills in entrepreneurship.

    The project will achieve its objectives by:

    1. Developing a guide for informal education addressed to counsellors, coaches from employment centres, business support organisations, coaches and trainers of VET and adult education centres. The guide will be organised in three chapters. The first chapter will support the identification of interests, talents and passions of adults. The second will provide all the necessary information, guidance and tools to implement the Training Programme. The third chapter will give guidance on peer-coaching;
    2. Developing a training programme for adults, with practical activities and tools, so that they will develop social entrepreneurship qualities, experiences, attributes and skills, they will learn entrepreneurial English and will be able to formulate their business ideas;
    3. Developing on-line learning resources, such as webinars, videos with the option for an expandable on-line learning community that will serve as a meeting place for adult communities.