Pathways – Upskilling by Creating individualized Learning Pathways

The project

Pathways – Upskilling by Creating individualized Learning Pathways

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01/09/2020 – 31/01/2023

Funding institution

Erasmus + - Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education


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Description of the project

PATHWAYS aims at giving a contribution for the improvement of the offer in the field of creation and access to skills improvement paths for low-skilled adults.

The main aims are:

– to provide adult education and career guidance professionals with the appropriate tools for recognising low-skilled adults basic skills, as a mean to improve their employability.

– to promote a mindset according to which learning is necessary not only when referring to employment, but also to personal development, with a focus on the capacity building of adult education and career professionals.

Through the creation of a Toolkit for adult education and other educational resources, adult educators and career guidance professionals will have the chance to use new tools to improve their competencies needed to create tailored learning paths for low-skilled adults, supporting them in detecting their professional and personal priorities, thus achieving a better future for themselves and their families.


  • Research on the current situation on the needs of the labour market in terms of basic skills useful to define the contents of the Toolkit
  • Focus Groups aimed at validating the contents of the Toolkit
  • Train-the-trainers activity on PATHWAYS methodology
  • Training course addressed to adult education teachers, trainers and career counsellors at national level.
  • Pilot Phase to put into practice the PATHWAYS training course and methodology, during which adult education professionals will use the Toolkit and provide feedbacks


  • PATHWAYS toolkit for adult education: documents, forms and modules for adult education professionals, to help them recognise the basic skills of low skilled adults and to guide them through the definition of a tailored learning path
  • PATHWAYS course development: training course for adult education professionals on how to implement the Pathways Toolkit. An handbook will also be produced in order to facilitate the replication of the course
  • PATHWAYS eLearning Platform: a tool to facilitate the training process for all adult education professionals and to be used as a networking tool.