RESET – Building Resilience in Basic Education

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RESET – Building Resilience in Basic Education

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01/11/2019 – 31/01/2022

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Erasmus+ Azione chiave 2, Cooperazione per l’innovazione e lo scambio di buone pratiche, Partenariati strategici – settore Educazione degli Adulti


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    Description of the project

    People with basic education needs are amongst the most marginalized social groups, being frequently exposed to economic, social and/or racial discrimination. Since many participants of literacy and basic education courses throughout Europe have recently experienced war, flight and violence, the resulting states of stress, chronicle illnesses and traumatisation have additional negative effects on their ability to learn and concentrate.

    In response to the challenges faced by people with basic education needs, professional and sensitive solutions are needed in order to avoid exclusion, marginalisation, and retraumatisation.

    Against this background, the project RESET and its network partners – based on the assumptions that people are able to increase their resilience in adulthood and that emancipatory educational settings can make a valuable contribution in this regard – aim at promoting psychological stabilisation, creativity, and the expansion of individual scope of action in order to promote self-efficacy and participation, with the objective of promoting resilience. Resilience, defined as a lifelong process of dealing with challenges and negative experiences, is seen as an innovative way of integrating educationally disadvantaged people and fostering their participation.


    • Development of a methodological approach, putting together theoretical knowledge, good practices and real experiences from the professionals on the field.
    • Development of a curriculum based on storytelling, resilience and basic education needs, addressed to adults.
    • Development and identification of activities and exercises aimed at strengthening resilience areas and basic education competences.
    • Training on the project methodology with adult educators and professionals on the field of education on the.
    • Piloting of the developed learning material with educators and their adult target.
    • Assessment of the results.


    • RESET Methodology
      The publication is focused on the importance of resilience in the context of basic education and thought-provoking impulses for dealing productively with the challenges faced by the target group, such as discrimination, violence, and trauma. The Methodology is addressed to trainers, educators and other professionals on the field, providing psychoeducational guidance on how they can contribute to stress reduction and resilience through educational work. Another pursued objective is to convey strategies of self-care.
      Watch the tutorials based on the methodology at the following link
    • Curriculum
      A curriculum comprising 20 teaching units that can be integrated modularly into basic education courses. Each unit revolves around a story that contains resilience-fostering aspects. The curriculum integrates (extracts of) resilience stories that can be used as reference points for exercises that combine resilience training with the core competences of basic education (reading, writing, arithmetic, digital competences, civic competences). Each learning activity is built around different learning steps and goals. The curriculum elaborates learning content, processes and goals, and combines these elements systemically.
    • Toolbox
      It comprises a collection of approx. 80 separate resilience-fostering exercises and games with varying degrees of difficulty. Each exercise or game is linked to one or more key competence(s) of basic education, including communication and language skills, digital and civic competences. The exercises draw on performative teaching methods, such as drama and game pedagogy, inviting participants to explore their personal wealth of ideas and to develop and express creativity.
    • E-Learning Platform
      The platform comprises several train-the-trainer tutorials in which adult educators working with the target group receive sound and creatively prepared information about the importance of resilience in basic education as well as the use of the developed teaching material. Another feature is the online implementation of the toolbox. Trainers can specifically search for exercises that are appropriate for their respective groups. A second section of the e-learning platform addresses participant of basic education and contains recorded listening comprehension texts featuring resilience stories from the Curriculum that can be listened to in class. Participants and trainers can find online quizzes that combine listening comprehension and digital competences.