SAMIN: Supporting VET by approaching ethnics minorities

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SAMIN: Supporting VET by approaching ethnics minorities

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1/10/2013 – 30/9/2015

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Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci  Multilateral project – Transfer of Innovation (TOI)


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    Description of the project

    The necessity of the project is rooted in the discriminatory processes existing in VET and, more broadly, in the labour market of several EU Member States. These practices prevent not only a deep integration of migrants and a full recognition of their skills, but also the opportunity of accessing  the labour market.

    The project’s core content consists in transferring to other sector and countries the achievements of a successful national project developed in Germany called FIBA, which it had a strong impact in German labour market by offering training services to young Turkish migrants. SAMIN explores national projects, focused on the integration of people with a migration background, in VET and labour market.

    By comparing national indicators, the project will develop specific guidelines for VET providers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders in order to foster the access of people with migration background to both VET and labour market. The added value of this project and its most innovative features lie in establishing a common framework composed of successful factors which have been tested on a national basis, that are likely to be successful also on a wider European level.


    • Promotion of methodological tools for enhancing the participation of young people with a migration background in VET, labour market and society.
    • Support to VET and public sector operators.
    • Meeting with relevant stakeholders.